Do you want to accept credit card payments, but don’t want the added expense of a merchant account, or swipe device? Then PayBridge is the solution for you.

Integrated seamlessly with the SalonBridge Console, you can process your client credit card information instantly.

PayBridge allows you to accept credit card payments in 2 ways:

1) From the SalonBridge Console:

When your client is ready to pay for their service, simply enter the card information into the account payment screen, and we will process the credit card in real time.

2) From a secure invoice:

Sending your clients an electronic invoice lets your clients view their account from the comfort of their homes, or while on the move. With payment options integrated directly into the electronic invoice, your clients can settle their accounts with their credit cards instantly.

3) As a deposit for online bookings:

There is always a risk of client no-shows whether they book online, or over the phone. PayBridge allows you to take a deposit upfront for your booking by adding a payment step before the booking is made. This is optional, and the deposit amount is customizable.

Daily Settlements

SalonBridge deposits the settlements on a daily basis into your bank account. A small commission gets charged for each transaction processed through the PayBridge network:

  • Visa and MasterCard transactions – 3.99% (Incl)
  • Diners and Amex – 4.99% (Incl)
  • Payout Fee – R3.42 (Incl)

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