I’m a one person salon. Can I still use your software?

Absolutely! Using the SalonBridge software will make your life easier and take a lot of the admin work off of your hands. You won’t have to worry about writing down appointment details, remembering client details, reminding your clients about their appointments or worrying about how they are going to pay you.

How easy is it to migrate to SalonBridge?

We make it as painless as possible to move to SalonBridge. In addition to the free training and support we provide, we off free data import. This means that your existing client records, services, retail items, staff, etc. will all be loaded into your SalonBridge account for free. During this process, we also do a quality assurance check to make sure that you can start using SalonBridge as quickly as possible. 🙂

How do I upgrade to a different package?

The SalonBridge packages are based on the amount of staff members you have. When you add or remove staff members, we automatically move you to a higher or lower package. For more information about our pricing plans, see our pricing page.

I dont have a Credit Card machine. Can I still accept Credit Cards?

Yes. SalonBridge allows you to process your client’s credit cards when making payment either through the console directly or using a partner product such as YocoZipZap or iKhokha. When processing directly, SalonBridge charges you 4% of the transaction fee and we will deposit the credit card payment directly into your account. 🙂

Can I send my clients reminders about their appointments?

Yes. From the SalonBridge system, you are able to configure client reminders and decide whether you want to send your clients SMS, email or both types of appointment reminders and at what time during the day! From here, you are also able to set up scheduled reminders which will help you generate more revenue!

Can I send a message to my clients after their appointment?

Yes. SalonBridge allows you to send ‘Thank You’ messages to your clients automatically. These can be sent at any time after their appointment and can be customised by you. These are often used to thank customers for visiting and to ask for feedback, but you can make them your own. 🙂

Can I load my stock items in SalonBridge?

Yes. We allow you to add stock items which can be added to a client’s account seamlessly.

I have multiple staff members. How do you manage staff permissions?

Adding staff members is a seamless experience. When adding a staff member, you are able to set what role that staff member has. They can either be an administrator, a regular user, or a receptionist. Receptionists can only make appointments on behalf of other staff members.

Do you allow me to run reports on my businesses activity?

Absolutely! Reports are vital in understanding your businesses performance so we let you know exactly what is happening. Reports can be run on all aspects of your business and can be exported for your convenience.

Do I need an internet connection to run your software?

Yes. SalonBridge is cloud-based, which means that you will need an internet connection to access it.

Can I access SalonBridge from an iPad or mobile device?

Yes. We have developed an app specifically for this purpose. The SalonBridge App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store Store, or the Google Play Store.

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